oriented architecture refers to the set of unique software platforms that
enable the interactions of different types of software application or even
different application users. In most large organizations, hundreds of different
business processes are carried out at the same time, some of which are
independent whereas the others are dependent on each other. Companies upgrade
their IT systems according to the newest technology available, but it is often
not possible to renew everything due to financial constraints. The best way out
for such organizations is to opt for service-oriented architecture that
provides an integrated environment, wherein different applications or users can
work together even if they are based on different computing platforms or are
using different systems.


opting for service oriented architecture, organizations can not only make the
best possible use of existing applications and systems but also save costs
related to the implementation of new systems or applications. Implementing
service-oriented architecture is supposed to be a good investment because its
benefits can be derived for many years to come. An organization that has
implemented service oriented architecture need not worry about future
technological developments because SOA is designed to accommodate both existing
applications as well as applications that are most likely to be developed in
the near future. As such, service oriented architecture acts as a type of
insurance cover, which may not provide direct cash benefits but indirectly it
does help in saving thousands of dollars.






latest software trend is service-oriented architecture and people who
specialize in it, called service-oriented architects. An SOA certified
architect demonstrates a high level of expertise in implementing the SOA
architecture model to any enterprise-scale scenario. He understands both
technical as well as organizational issues, along with how to solve conflicting
issues with the implementation of best-used practices. Moreover, he knows how
to design SOA principles and industry standard organizational models. In other
words, an architect ensures that the best of breed technology is identified and
implemented to the problem.


enroll into a certification program, you must be familiar with the job role
description and the parameters on which the certification is based. Knowing the
subject matter and the topics outlined in the test objectives will also help
you to have a more in-depth knowledge of the SOA certification program.


you are planning to take a self-study approach for the SOA certification test,
there are many IT training sites like IBM, which offer a systematic approach.
However, it is not mandatory for you to use the approach and the educational
resources before taking a certification tests. Always compare your technical
knowledge level to the test objectives, and the recommended educational
resources, to determine how much preparation for the test you require.


first step towards self-study approach should be to assess your current skill
level and readiness to take the certification test. You can do this with the
help of the pre-assessment or sample test modules available. These test modules
will give you a diagnostic feedback correlating your skill level with the test



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