Question 1

Which ITIL®® process is responsible for developing a charging system?

a)     Availability Management

b)     Capacity Management

c)     Financial Management for IT Services

d)     Service Level Management

Question 2

What is the RACI model used for?

a)     Documenting the roles and relationships of stakeholders in a process or activity

b)     Defining requirements for a new service or process

c)     Analyzing the business impact of an incident

d)     Creating a balanced scorecard showing the overall status of Service Management

Question 3

Which of the following identifies two Service Portfolio components within the Service Lifecycle?

a)     Catalog Service Knowledge Management System and Requirements Portfolio

b)     Service Catalog and Service Pipeline

c)     Service Knowledge Management System and Service Catalog

d)     Service Pipeline and Configuration Management System

Question 4

Which of the following is NOT one of the ITIL®® core publications?

a)     Service Operation

b)     Service Transition

c)     Service Derivation

d)     Service Strategy

Question 5

A Service Level Package is best described as?

a)     A description of customer requirements used to negotiate a Service Level Agreement

b)     A defined level of utility and warranty associated with a core service package

c)     A description of the value that the customer wants and for which they are willing to pay

d)     A document showing the Service Levels achieved during an agreed reporting period

Question 6

Setting policies and objectives is the primary concern of which of the following elements of the Service Lifecycle?

a)     Service Strategy

b)     Service Strategy and Continual Service Improvement

c)     Service Strategy, Service Transition and Service Operation

d)     Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement

Question 7

A service owner is responsible for which of the following?

a)     Designing and documenting a Service

b)     Carrying out the Service Operations activities needed to support a Service

c)     Producing a balanced scorecard showing the overall status of all Services

d)     Recommending improvements

Question 8

The utility of a service is best described as:

a)     Fit for design

b)     Fit for purpose

c)     Fit for function

d)     Fit for use

Question 9

The 4 P’s of ITSM are people, partners, processes and …?:

a)     Purpose

b)     Products

c)     Perspectives

d)     Practice

Question 10

The contents of a service package includes:

a)     Base Service Package, Supporting Service Package, Service Level Package

b)     Core Service Package, Supporting Process Package, Service Level Package

c)     Core Service Package, Base Service Package, Service Support Package

d)     Core Service Package, Supporting Services Package, Service Level Package

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