Several Methods of Teaching ECDL

Teaching ECDL can take many forms.  However, the most common mode of ECDL teaching is through full online method.  More institutions and recognized training centers are offering online ECDL programs.  Classroom based teaching methods are mainly provided by universities, colleges, and schools that included ECDL in their special curriculum or courses.

Teaching ECDL to remote trainees or students can be easy.  Modern information and communication technology made possible the creation of virtual classroom.  Trainees therefore can study based on their own set schedules and they can choose which ECDL module to study first. 

The most interactive online methods of ECDL learning is through online tutorials.  These tutorials are carried out using telephony services that incorporate streaming video.  So, it would be possible for training centers to interact with their students through the use of Internet communications systems such as teleconferencing.

Another method of online ECDL teaching is video tutorials.  These pre-recorded lectures are streamed directly to the browsers of trainees.  With good Internet connections, the video tutorials can be very useful study and review materials.  The good thing about streaming video tutorials is it can be downloaded and saved on local computers.  So, ECDL trainees can study the video over and over until they master the step by step presentation on the tutorial.

The most popular ECDL teaching method is through the provision of documents and study kits that can be downloaded from the Internet.  These are electronic documents which can be displayed on computers or printed so that it can be studied more thoroughly.

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