The Drupal content management system provides different modules for creating content.  These modules can be easily added to the site and they can also be edited by the administrator.  One of the best modules available is the Drupal gallery.  

The Drupal gallery allows administrators to create photo pages similar to other photo sharing sites.  Site builders can upload photos and still graphics or images on the Drupal site.  The gallery module then can be customized based on the design preference of the administrators.  They can create small thumbnails of the photos linked directly to the full resolution images.  Users can see the thumbnail with a brief caption underneath.  By clicking on the thumbnail, they will be redirected to the image with its full description and other specs.

The Drupal gallery module is ideal for a social network site.  Through the gallery module, authenticated users can upload their stock images and create customizations within the Drupal framework.  This functionality can also be useful for a socially shared site like group blogs or community websites.  

The gallery module is available on the administrator settings of the Drupal content management system.  Site administrators can simple activate the module and it as a dedicated page.  They can control access to this site by assigning different roles to different users.  If the site has a log-in facility, access and editing of the Drupal gallery will be much easier as more users can create their own gallery.  Otherwise, only the administrators can upload images and edit or modify the Drupal gallery module.

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