Sharpening Management Competency through BPM Tutorial

Project managers, line managers, and key business process functionaries can benefit from the rich resources provided by a BPM tutorial center or website. BPM tutorials are important for two reasons. First, it could help managers cope with the demands required by a BPM project implementation. Second, it could help management professionals understand the concepts and techniques in implementing BPM technologies. These tutorials are usually provided by BPM institutions or independent professional organizations in order to improve the practice of BPM and refine the skills of every management practitioners.

A typical BPM tutorial may include important discussions or presentations recorded in an electronic media. Managers can get pointers or critical information from experts in the practice of BPM technologies. One can also find reference materials that can be easily downloaded and stored in a local computer. These materials could include informative articles, latest white papers, proposals, BPM manuals, and downloadable ebooks or books. Some BPM service providers offer links to important business journals and prestigious publications that discusses critical updates and new developments in the practice of business process management.

In some BPM training centers, especially those that offer online e-learning opportunities, trainees can take advantage of video conferencing tutorials. These are dedicated sessions which can provide in-depth discussions of critical issues surrounding the BPM practice. This is highly interactive because the online facilitator can answer queries. This is the most effective method of BPM tutorials. However, it could also involve an enrollment fee to get the services of an online tutor or facilitator.

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