Sun Certified Java Programmer or SCJP is a popular certification that can help you earn your promotion and get a higher pay. This enables IT professionals to do the tasks needed in creating, designing and operating Java programming. Most of the organizations in the business industry especially in IT, it is a must to get necessary certifications before you can get hired.

This is one of the ways in which they can prove that you are worthy of the position and can perform the tasks given to you. Certifications are important verifications of your skill to your employer. They are necessary if you want to have a good credential and aiming for a higher pay.

In getting certified, all you need to do is pass the SCJP examination. If you are serious in getting the certification you have to get trainings to help you develop and increase your knowledge in techniques and Java programming. But some people opt for SCJP dumps in order to pass the test. SCJP dumps are actual answers and questions in SCJP test.

Not only it is considered cheating in your test, it is also illegal and violates the signed agreement in Non Disclosure Agreement. Others choose to get these dumps to get an easy pass on the test. But technically sharing the test questions and answers is just one way of dumping your career in IT. Yes it will indeed help you pass the test, but when you are out there in real Java programming, you wont last a week because you need practical trainings to accomplish your job.

Actually, Sun itself is discouraging the use of SCJP dumps nowadays, even if the dumps practice tests come free. The problem with dumps (or braindumps as others call them) is that they rely on route memorization of separate pieces of information by the examinee during exam preparation time. That was fine when the SCJP accreditation exams were made up mostly of knowledge-based questions (which tested how much information you could manage to absorb, regardless of whether they were interrelated or not.)

Nowadays, the new versions of the SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) accreditation exam lean more towards performance-based questions. This means that the examinee is encouraged to learn more how the Java language systems work from beginning to end, and discourages route memorization of separate pieces of data about the Java language systems. Granted, it is still important to know what each aspect of the Java language world is called but Sun is now placing more importance on knowledge of what that Java language component does and how the examinee can best use that component.

You can therefore see that Sun is emphasizing usage of knowledge and skills in real-world applications rather than just being able to say: this is an array, this is a thread, this is a string, and so forth. Nowadays, an SCJP examinee has to be able to not just identify all those components but to give the usage of those components and how they work together to make Java language a functional programming language.

So when you see ads for SCJP dumps practice tests again, do not stop for a second look. You need better study guides than that type.

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