Should I Use Free CRM Software or the For-Pay Ones Instead?

Fortunately for small business owners, it is possible to get free CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) software nowadays from developers online. Why offer free CRM? These developers offer the free versions in the hopes that these small business owners will be so happy with the trial versions they would want to switch to the more comprehensive for-pay versions later on. It is the equivalent of demo girls offering free wedges of expensive cheese in the supermarket  one bite and the cheese maker is hoping that customers would want to buy the bigger product size for their own use. This strategy functions on the premise that if a small bite was good, then the whole batch must be great as well.

How does one rate free CRM software properly? The for-pay version should have enough features for the price you will pay to make it feasible to purchase. As in any other business, the higher the price, the more features you can reasonably expect to find in the product.

You should examine if the free CRM software can help you identify sales prospects; tag those sales prospects for you and list them down; determine which one of your customers is a regular return buyer and thus qualifies as a real business contact; and help you realize how automating can make the sales function much easier and painless (rather than make it more complicated.)

Once you learn to manage the sales function properly, managing the rest of the organization will follow  this is because sales supplies the fuel that will keep the sales organization profitable and afloat. The other functions of the organization will then be dependent on the level of sales your sales team can provide.

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