Computer Disaster Recovery may seem like a relatively new area of concern among PC users but it is by
no means a new phenomenon. Actually, many PC users have unfortunately suffered a degree of data loss
every year in the past. When you compute for it, in 1998 alone, US companies lost as much as $11.8
billion due to data loss. If many IT professionals had already been experienced in Computer Disaster
Recovery at that time, most likely the losses would not have been as severe.

Computer Disaster Recovery can either be practiced (or outsourced) to an independent consultancy firm
or assigned to your in-house IT staff. Either way, someone has to be on-site 24/7 so that Computer
Disaster Recovery can be addressed as soon as a disaster strikes. The problem is that many IT
professionals may be acquainted only with simple drive recovery efforts and think that that already
constitutes Computer Disaster Recovery. Simple drive recovery alone is already very expensive (it will cost
a business $7,500 to implement) and is not automatically a sure-fire solution to resort to.

Computer Disaster Recovery should become a more prevalent area of concern for US companies,
because statistics show that US businesses suffer more than $12 billion in losses annually due to data loss
at present. As much as 78% of data loss is attributed to system or hardware failure. On the other hand,
11% of data loss is believed to be caused by human error. Software corruption alone causes just 7% of
total data loss nowadays.

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