Siebel Systems, Inc. as its peak had indeed launched great versions of Customer Relationship Management or CRM e-business applications. These applications which were hugely patronized by corporations and other business enterprises had been accepted internationally as well.

Amongst the various applications and packages of Siebel Systems, Inc. is the Siebel 7.5 launched in 2002. Anyhow, other Siebel applications include Siebel 7.7, Siebel 7.0, Siebel, 6.0 or Siebel 2000, Siebel 99, and Siebel 99.So what are the features of Siebel 7.5?

Siebel 7.5 provides functionality when it comes to multichannel sales, service, marketing, and partner and employee relationship management. The Siebel 7.5 contains the documented industry-specific Customer Relationship Management finest practices which are implanted in achieving Siebel 7.5’s functionality.

The so called big change for Siebel happened in Siebel 7.5 expansion, from CRM towards employee relationship management of ERM with the inclusion of analytics which is still part of a larger CRM approach.

To some extent, the support of Siebel with regard to Web services and standards-based integration has been achieved with the help of Universal Application Network. Additionally, Siebel’s support is also given in web services standards like Simple Object Access Protocol and Web Services Description Language or WSDL. Therefore, users get a more comprehensive business services and workflow processes as generated by Siebel 7.5 and the use of WSDL.

This product called Siebel 7.5 emphasizes their service analytics which include Siebel Sales for global account management. Also, product catalog, pricing changes, and improved customer order management are provided in Siebel Interactive Selling feature of the product. Lastly, budget and objective management and promotion and customer analytics are highlighted in Siebel Marketing feature.

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