Siebel 8 version: An Anticipated Siebel Release

Every time the Siebel Systems is releasing a new version of the Siebel software, people are highly anticipating its release.  When the predecessor of Siebel 8 was released, every corner of the business sector was acting anticipatory of the event.  When the time for the Siebel 8 version is set to be made, the whole world watched over it. 

So, what is new with Siebel 8?  Are there really highly anticipated events that people must see about the new release?  Well, believe it or not, Siebel 8 is the new software that is set to conquer the whole business industry.  The following key points are the more anticipated functions and features of the Siebel 8:

a. Of course, the upgrade would mean new tools and features that are either enhanced or modified features of the predecessor, but more to that, the Siebel 8 allowed for the easy access on the Web which is becoming the trend in majority of software.
b. Apart from being able to have an easy access on the web, the Siebel 8 is capable of being accessed on a handheld device such as the Window CE platform.
c. For the top executives, a new feature of the software is the capability to have sales coaching. A tool that is incorporated on the software allow for this feature to be possible.
d. As part of the business need, a new feature called expense reporting function that is automatically performed is also incorporated on the software. 
e. A new, modified, enhanced analysis tool was created to be able to serve the business organizations better. 

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