Brewing science and Siebel Institute of Technology are just made for each other. The institution has been making a legacy in creating and molding world class students in the field of science brewing. Siebel Institute of Technology categorized as a technical school offers diversified courses and programs.

During Prohibition period courses in refrigeration, baking, milling, engineering, carbonated beverages and related courses were being offered, however after the repeal of Prohibition non-brewing courses were already removed. Nonetheless, the institution’s eagerness to provide high-class and international brewing training made them known in other foreign places. Ditto, satellite campuses where also established in Munich, Germany and Montreal, Canada.

Established in 1872, Siebel Institute of Technology started to offer international brewing community what they called analytical services. Hence, Siebel Institute Laboratory Services division was able to pass the standard and quality requirements set by the biggest breweries worldwide.

What does Siebel Institute of Technology has to offer which made them lead the brewery industry? The answers would be the tests covering raw materials they provide, the finished beer, wort, yeast and fermentation, and other fields that have connections in brewing commercially.

The science’s role in this institution is seen by the services they used which is validated by ASBC & EBC. This service uses state-of-the-art equipment being utilized by their knowledgeable staff. And for over 135 years, Siebel Institute of Technology keeps on supporting their clients with their testing programs that will lead them in attaining effective brewery system and first-rate quality of beers.

Lastly, Siebel Institute of Technology makes it a point to ensure the quality of brewing education they are giving to their students to make them invincible in facing the challenges that brewing industry imposes unto them.

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