Siebel Systems Incorporated: The Company that Started It All

During the early 1990s, although customer relationship management was the thing that was booming then, majority of people did not appreciate its presence more so understand why it even existed.  When Thomas Siebel saw the need for a strong customer relationship management, he knew then that what he had on his mind can best answer all the issues that business organizations faced.  The CRM or the customer relationship management being fused and injected on a system is what everyone else needs.

Then in 1993, Thomas Siebel together with Patricia House built and established the Siebel Systems Incorporated.  The company was focused in driving the CRM or the customer relationship management as its main product. 

In 1995, Thomas together with Patricia heading the Marketing arena, built and created its maiden product – the Siebel Sales Enterprise software – which was appreciated and accepted by majority of the businessmen.  This became a huge success in the market.  In 1996, a year after initial launch, the Siebel Systems made a drastic and brave business move.  Siebel Systems opened its company as a publicly traded institution. From this move, the Siebel Systems Incorporated earned more and more alliances that weakened the competitors while making itself very  powerful and strong. After that, year after year, Siebel grew very fast.  More and more companies begin to notice the strength and power that it has.  In the year 2000, the Siebel Systems hit a very impressive revenue mark totaling to about $1B. 

For 6 solid years of manipulating the software arena, Siebel then agreed to have a merging with an equally powerful and strong company – the Oracle.

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