Simple Models Of IT Management And Business Impact

If you handle IT as a business investment, then IT management should be able to
maximize the IT investment and resources for the best interest of the company.  And
since IT management is more technical, digging deeper into the company’s processes
should be the first thing in IT management.  Impacting business in IT management is not
merely identifying how a company does its business in its day-to-day operations but also
identifying the very reason why the company does its business.  A simple model of IT
management is asking the question “why” every time a project is presented.

Basically, in order to be successful in a business, it has to be run efficiently.  And in order
to run an efficient business, the company has to invest in tools both hardware and
software.  And to run these tools and keep them running, they will need the capable
people to handle them.  The business impact of these investments is where IT
management comes in.

Another simple model of IT management and its business impact is by putting it this
way:  The business goal is to maximize profits in doing its business.  Several IT tools are
needed so that they can support company goals.  And IT management is needed to
support the goals of IT tools.  We should always remember that IT tools and IT
management is and investment that needs to be preserved because it exists to aid in
efficiently handling the business.

Therefore, creating simple models for understanding IT management decisions and its
methods of impacting business should be the main objective every project.

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