Simplicity doesn’t just pay well, more often than not, it works for the longest possible time. This secret formula in WordPress has been patronized by many who prefer interfaces that identify the minimalist quality. Therefore, when you decide to use simple WordPress themes you cross the barrier that is accessible by the user and writer of the content. This is a clear-cut description of the relationship between the user and the content-writer who both prefers and employs simple WordPress themes.

Simple WordPress themes create exploratory experience in the part of the users. If complicated WordPress themes are utilized, users tend to stay away from such themes. Thus, it doesn’t really serve its purpose at all.

The spirit of functionality is felt in simple WordPress themes. Though simple WordPress themes are sometimes being called outdated and archaic, the quality is still prioritized and very much highlighted. But then again, there are latest simple WordPress themes released which are by far different and better as opposed to the premium WordPress themes that are quire costly.

In many cases, simple WordPress themes serve as an ideal starting point to beginners. There are many available simple WordPress themes that are already tested, not just in terms of functionality but in popularity and accessibility as well. Some simple WordPress themes are tested in IE6, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.

However, let us not go to discussing the adage about wines just to prove the effectiveness of simple WordPress themes. Simple WordPress that are rated with highest level are minimal but still manage to be beautiful. The many simple WordPress themes, whether being offered free of charge or with a fixed price, can also be used as a source of inspiration to those novice and budding designers looking for inspiration to get started.

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