WordPress is primarily written and developed using the PHP language.  So if you want to change anything from it, you need to have some basic PHP programming skills.

This view however has been challenged by some programmers.  Some say that even if WordPress is powered by PHP, anyone with basic HTML skills can create or write their own themes and templates for WordPress.

If you want to tweak your WordPress theme, the best that you can do is follow the instructions provided by other expert WordPress users.

You can find such topics on any search engine.  Once you land on a how-to website, copy the step by step instructions provided by the site.  It could be about adding plugins, changing the theme, or redesigning the layout of your blog.

After copying the post, print the instructions and log-in to your WordPress account.  You can now start writing codes in your blog.  If you’re not confident enough to experiment coding WordPress PHP or HTML on your running blog, create a back-up of the site.  

Reload your site or install another blog in your directory.  Then, proceed with your PHP writing venture.  It is important to follow every word written on the printed instruction manual.

After writing the PHP documentations, try to view your site on the browser and determine if you did the right thing.  Once you get the hang of programming with basic PHP or HTML in WordPress, you can restore your site and tweak it based on the instructions.

After lots of practice, you can surely develop your skills in writing such codes even if you don’t have a formal education on WordPress PHP programming.

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