The qualifying test for MCDST certification is composed of two examination modules.  The first is module 70-272 or known also as Windows XP Application Support exams.  The other module is 70-271 or the more generalized Windows XP System Support for desktops.   These examination modules must be passed to get full certification from Microsoft.  There is no need for examinees also to take an elective exam to earn their certificate.  The two core modules would be enough.

Training providers usually tell their students that they should get an 80% passing rate in the practice and simulated exams to ensure their success in the actual certification exams.  Training centers usually require their students to take a mock exam in order to determine the competence of their trainees.  Based on the results of the simulated exams, they will issue recommendations for further studies or if trainees get excellent marks, they can suggest that they should immediately take the MCDST exam to finalize their certification process.

For those who are self studying for the MCDST, they should also take advantage of simulated tests.  These practice exams can be accessed from free Internet resources websites dedicated for the MCDST exams.  Usually, the downloadable exam simulations are trial versions of more comprehensive MCDST exam software.  For practice purposes however, these demo or trial versions would be enough to supplement any study materials for the MCDST certification.

Paid or free practice tests are very valuable for those preparing for the MCDST exams.  It can give an overview of the MCDST test system which is a good preparation for the real examinations.

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