Since Six Sigma has been proven effective in driving desired and expected business objectives, a lot of companies have considered enrolling their employees to obtain Six Sigma certificates and therefore implement process change that they have been longing for. Now what does this certificate mean? Like any other certification, passing it simply means that a candidate has met and completed the requirements necessary to perform tasks as directed by the company management. However, this does not indicate an individuals worth of being a true quality professional. It still takes years of experience and a lot of constant exposure to Six Sigma practices to learn the ins and outs of the trade. Passing the Six Sigma Certification is just the beginning of a lifelong journey towards perfection.

A lot of benefits also await those who have passed the Six Sigma certification such as a potential increase in salary as you will participate in accomplishing special company projects. Since usually candidates who aspires to be Six Sigma certified will undergo comprehensive training, they will also act as subject matter experts and can be consulted any time during the course of the project. This will even result to an increase in employer desirability since the company will be using your skills in promoting excellence on every single business process done within the organization. This will also pave the way in increasing your chances of getting a promotion as you climb your way up of the corporate ladder. You might even be surprised to see yourself within the ranks of top industry professionals around the world. Six Sigma does not only benefit the company but also certified individuals as well, who have devoted 100% of their time in producing high quality products and services, all for total customer satisfaction.

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