Currently, Six Sigma covers a wide range of field such as banking, healthcare, construction and even in call centers. This method has existed for two decades already and it been known to be one of the greatest management system in the world today. So what makes it so popular and efficient? Well, this methodology is aimed at producing cost effective ways and promote good management systems. Motorola is its founder and this methodology has given them success.

The Six Sigma management involves the comprehensive approach and the implementation scheme. Also, it determines the flaws and weak points of the management then eradicates these irregularities. Besides, every organization should dedicate their time and effort in solving these conflicts. Each member should take part in the process and suggest good points. The top management should be given the key roles. They are tasked to review the projects and plans.

The Six Sigma management should consist of green belts, black belts and a few master belts. The green belts will be the one to handle the computations and statistical tools that will be used to analyze the project or situation. These tools will definitely help in measuring the probability of the project to succeed. The black belts will be the one to supervise and coordinate with the top management on the matter. And lastly, the Master black belts will be the one to coach the black belts on the problem solving and more complicated matters. These Six Sigma belts should have teamwork and cooperation to make the project work out perfectly.

Large and small corporations have used Six Sigma methodology in their projects. It may have given huge successes to some while it may not have worked out in some companies. Well, this method is often used in banking and manufacturing companies. However, it can also be applicable to healthcare systems and call center agencies. The failures of some who have tried it may have been caused by improper implementation or misinterpretation of the procedures. Moreover, the management should have a background on the different statistical tools and methods for it to be effective.

Every stage in the production process requires analysis before it undergoes execution. The conflicts as well as the flaws should be identified and resolved using the appropriate methods. The cost effective methods should be used without sacrificing the quality of the products and services.  It is a must that the implementation of the standard procedure be followed. The work patterns should be employed and the six sigma belts should do their assigned tasks.

The top management, as well as the employees, should have at least Six Sigma training so both parties would have a clear understanding of what the statistical tools are. Furthermore, the standard problem-solving approach and the work flow layout should undergo rigorous planning. Six Sigma manufacturing is integrated with the various work processes and identifies the customer needs. There are various Six Sigma trainings that are offered in schools and even online. Some may last longer than usual depending on the position held by the employee.

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