When you first install your WordPress, you will be given a default setting.  The default setting that comes with is your Wrodpress theme.  This default setting is, of course, able to be modified based on your own preference.  And then, make this as your own default theme after.  

Why do we need to have a default theme?  Are there any working advantages with having a default theme?

A theme is the actual face of WordPress.  This is the initial thing that sets apart any WordPress web log from the rest of the other web logs on the Internet.  This is the reason why it should be done with critical taste and choice.  And apparently, after having it designed and achieved the correct layout, have it set as the default theme.  The theme should be able to:

a.    Capture fun and excitement.  One of the things that make the theme very enjoyable to do apart from capturing your personal taste is its ability to make it look very funny and exciting. You are able to bring out your innovative and inventive side by merely designing your own theme.
b.    Capture the general taste of your viewers.  When doing your theme, make sure that you are able to capture not only your personal preferences but also be able to extend your preferences based on your potential market or viewers.  Remember that you are catering to a specific range of people and you should consider their preference as the baseline when you develop your own default theme.

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