In the year 2008, the makers of the Twitter site have announced in one of their web log entries that the Twitter website is spanning in the region of the Asian continent specifically in the Japan area.  

The Twitter website being an all-English website was able to penetrate non-English speaking territories because of its wide coverage.  The Japanese people have been the first to encounter this milestone.  The language barrier that supposed to be is the major problem in launching the Twitter site in the Japanese region has not been seen as a barrier at all.  For the Japanese, being a large percentage users of the Twitter site, although the whole interface of the site is in English, the features that Twitter has can overcome this obstacle in language difference.  

Surprisingly, fourteen days after the Twitter site was launched in the Japanese area, it continued to gain huge volume of followers mainly within the range of the young professionals and young adults.  Now, as months have passed after its maiden launch, the Twitter in Japanese version has become the second most sought after Twitter sites.  

The Twitter in Japanese version has continued to attract more and more potential members and users that made it possible for it to reach an all time high in page traffic.  In addition, the Twitter Japanese website has been one of the few sites that have attained the highest page rank in less than a month after its launching on the Internet.  This is truly one of the more interesting historical events in the arena of social networking.

With the recent spamming activity that endangered the security and credibility of Twitter, far advanced precautionary measures were undertaken by the makers to make sure that the 2007 spamming via SMS happening shall never be experienced again.  This was given immediate resolution by the Twitter makers by suggesting a personal identification number to all Twitter users.

But, how about when the problem that is being raised talks about being bombarded by legitimate tweets?  Are there any ways that one can do to stop this?  

We all know that we all need to be updated.  And the reason why we subscribe to Twitter is because we want to be updated as much as possible with what our friends are up to.  However, when things go overboard, you may want to do something to get out of it.  Below are some of the suggested techniques:

a.    You can turn the Twitter notification off.  By turning it off, it does not mean that you will not be able to receive any updates from your friends.  You can still check your updates by logging on to the web portal and from there have a look at any important updates.  
b.    You can set your Twitter notification into sleep mode.  By setting your notification to sleep mode, you will no longer be hearing the notification beeps when an update arrives.  The notification is still active; however, it is only the sound that is being deactivated.  
c.    Do not have notifications turned on for every subscriber.  By choosing who can send you updates, you are limiting yourself from being bugged down by many notifications received.  
d.    Always check for any updates by going to the Twitter site. It is a lot better to check your updates via your PC while you are in front of it rather than setting your mobile to receive all notifications at once.  

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