Anyone can place YouTube videos in his WordPress blog without experiencing so much haste by using Smart YouTube. This is a WordPress YouTube Plugin that permits one to easily embed videos in his blog post, comments, as well as RSS feed. The primary purpose of this plugin is to allow a person to properly place in YouTube videos into his blog post, which will also be completely shown in his RSS feed.

In addition, this WordPress YouTube Plugin is also intended to carry out a lot of benefits to the user. Like for instance, this vitally works on iPhone, creates xHTML valid code instead of YouTube embed code, supports playback of premium videos, and shows the videos in full screen. This plugin is craftily designed to come in small size and is fast enough. This does not also need any peripheral resources. Moreover, this is equipped with numbers of option, which can be modified by the user.

Essentially, the main features included in this WordPress YouTube Plugin are the following:

•    Easily insert YouTube videos to the WordPress blog
•    Supports the high quality video protocol of YouTube
•    Presents an option to show the thumbnail picture of the video to one’s RSS feed
•    Applies on iPhone and iPod
•    Creates xHTML valid code
•    Works rapidly and is light
•    Does not require any extra scripts
•    Allows a complete YouTube modification such as the colors, full screen, and borders
Smart YouTube also permits the restoration of the issues on high quality videos as well as the modification of the plugin’s old parts including its general tweaks. Lastly, this is also capable to add autoplay option.

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