As customers, we have the option to choose the services that we are going to use in our day to day living. This includes the kind or brand of appliances that we will purchase on a nearby appliance center, ranging from mp3 gadgets to portable CD players. We also have the option to choose the internet service provider that we will subscribe to for us to get the most out of our web-surfing experience. These are just some of the many services that we get to encounter everyday.

A service is defined as a unit of work that entails the participation of a service agent or provider to achieve the desired results of the consumer. This means that a service is something that we can actually do but it will be more convenient and practical on our part if we let others to do the work for us, simply because they are considered the experts on such fields.

The same rule applies in building software systems used in most businesses nowadays. Developers get to produce different software applications that people can use to perform their daily tasks to provide service to customers. At the same time, each level of service are interconnected to each other, which is a part of a bigger structure where file sharing and process / application upgrading can be done so as to provide uniformity of service. This is the concept behind service-oriented architecture or SOA, a design that links all business resources together to provide better services, all for the ultimate goal of giving total customer satisfaction.


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