Be accountable for building and delivering AWS and/or Azure Cloud Platforms infrastructure and solutions to help your clients meet the SOAring data and cloud demands of AI and machine learning, IoT, advanced analytics, open source and other emerging digital technologies.

More Uses of the SOA Toolkit:

  • Establish that your project complies; analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation of SOA based enterprise integration and workflow solutions.
  • Ensure you have designed web applications and clearly understand concepts like Web Services, SOA, Web technologies, and APIs.
  • Methodize: web services implementation, SOAp and different remote procedure call technologies as.
  • Audit: implement applications with service oriented architecture (SOA) and develop secure web services.
  • Perform architecture, design and work closely with Business and Development groups to finalize Data flow models, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and reporting structures.
  • Formulate: design and implement large scale systems and service oriented architectures (SOA) that enable continuous delivery.
  • Deliver integration solutions leveraging the capability of SOA expertise for clients across application processes while adhering to the enterprise architecture, data security and data management standards.
  • Make sure that your strategy complies; analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of SOA based enterprise integration and workflow solutions.
  • Guide: tune the security information and event management / security orchestration, automation and response (siem/SOAr) analytics in order to identify potential malicious activity or threat indicators.
  • Confirm your operation complies; sarbanes oxley act reporting (SOAr) reporting; ensure compliance and audit readiness.
  • Lead: custom application architecture, implementation, monitoring and support most notably around system to system data transfer (API and SOA).
  • Integrate SOAr platform with other security tools and APIs to execute automated workflows.
  • Redefine coarse grained monolithic SOAP methodology into fine grained REST methodology.
  • Assure your business understands internet, intranet, extranet, web services, SOA and client/server architectures.
  • Perform and provide guidance/mentoring on API testing using SOAP UI or similar toolset.
  • Provide analysis and investigation of security related data (via SIEM/SOAR) from a wide range of security products and devices to identify trends and anomalies indicative of malicious activities.
  • Be accountable for defining architecture for the enterprise applications, SOA and application security.
  • Maintain and provide technical expertise for the Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform.
  • Perform application security testing on various types of applications as web, APIs (REST/SOAP/Micro services), thick clients, mobile, etc.
  • Ensure you assess; found a shared facility managing SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response).
  • Devise: enterprise architecture, application architecture, distributed systems, SOA, web, portal and content architecture.
  • Perform SOAr platform administration to develop and maintain automated incident response workflows that streamline SOC efficiency.
  • Ensure you pioneer; understand the SOA model and be able to leverage and augment a clients service catalog with SOAp based or rest based services in support of portal development.
  • Secure that your team complies; designs should be based on sound SOA best practices that support modular integrated design concepts.
  • Ensure SOAr capabilities are operational and developed to anticipate infrastructure growth.
  • Coordinate: monitor the security event queues on the SIEM, IDS/IPS, endpoint, security orchestration automation and response (SOAr) systems tools.


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