SOA java


SOA implementations can be based on any of the existing technologies such as
.net, c++, and others, companies often prefer java while implementing SOA. This
is because java is an open-source technology, which can be used by anyone
without having to worry about paying registration charges, as is the case with
.NET technology. SOA java is preferred because both the technologies have very
similar features or characteristics. For example, both the technologies have
the ability to replicate existing methodologies and create as many instances of
themselves as requested by the programmer. Another similarity is that both the
technologies feature a directory, which can be used for creating references to
standard methods or procedures.


is used mostly for designing and developing web-enabled services and since SOA
is increasingly being utilized for carrying out web-enabled services, SOA java
is obviously the most preferred technology used for the implementations. SOA
java is probably the cheapest and the most effective technology available for
implementing SOA in any type of organization whether it is a manufacturing
company or a service provider. Business analysts point out that the future
belongs to web enabled services and since SOA java is perfect for web-enabled
services, companies are increasingly opting for java technology. All this means
that SOA java is here to stay for a long time to come.


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