or Services Oriented Architecture, is a system designed to link data and
applications, in order to achieve the desired results for consumers. This
system provides for more flexible loose coupling of resources, compared to the
traditional architectures of systems. It can even be referred to as a form of
information systems architecture, which enables the creation of applications,
by combining loosely coupled and interoperable services. SOA can support
integration and consolidation activities within intricate enterprise systems.


incorporates the best of the practices or implementations of the architectures
that were developed before it. Therefore, the services can be run on several
distributed platforms and are accessible across networks. Demands for jobs in
SOA have increased recently, and various websites provide information regarding
the latest employment avenues, salary and other essential details. You can even
become a member of various listings for jobs available in the SOA system of services.
There are several permanent, temporary or part time jobs available, with
attractive salary packages and other fringe benefits.


jobs available in SOA are as follows:


  • SOA consultants
  • Chief Technology
    Officer SOA, Web Services
  • Java Architect Developer
    Team Lead J2ee
  • Enterprise Architect, SOA
  • Director of Enterprise
  • Solutions Architect











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