Record, which stands for State of Authority, is considered the most essential
part of a Zone file. The SOA record is a method used by the Domain
Administrator to provide simple information regarding the domain, such as the
frequency of its updates, when it was last updated, when to check back for
additional information etc. An ideally optimized and updated SOA record can
reduce the bandwidth between name servers, increase the speed of accessibility
of the website, as well as ensure the life of the website, even when the
primary DNS server is down. With the creation of a new zone, an SOA record is
created automatically.


Zone file contains only one SOA Record that holds the following properties for
the zone:


  • Domain name of the
    primary DNS server for the zone
  • Email address of
    the person responsible for the zone. The standard for this email address
    would be the user name “hostmaster”, like “[email protected]
  • It should also
    contain the serial number. This number automatically increases by Simple
    DNS Plus with changes made to the zone or its records. The zone transfer
    is initiated if the serial number is higher than that of the secondary
  • It includes the
    refresh interval that would explain how frequently the secondary DNS servers
    should check if any changes are made to the zone.
  • It even contains
    the retry interval that indicates how often the secondary DNS server
    should repeat checking, in case any changes are made when the first
    refresh fails. 




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