records refer to the data that is collected while carrying out the task of SOA
business process modeling. The business process modeling (BPM) process is the
first step in any SOA implementation and is one of the factors that eventually
determine the level of benefits derived from the implementations. The BPM
process starts with identifying all the smaller components or sub-systems of a
business process before actually collecting data, which is termed as SOA
records. SOA records may include all types of statistical data related to a
business process such as the number of units manufactured in a month, the
number of new subscriptions received in a month, or even the number of customer
complaints received during a month about a particular product or service. SOA
records may also involve data related to the employees such as the exact number
of person-hours required for completing a particular process or the average
number of errors generated while carrying out a specific business process. Apart
from these, SOA records include data from every type of business process
wherein there is a scope of data generation.


accurate SOA records is necessary because the collected data is utilized for
designing implementation systems, which may not function properly if the data
is incorrect. Collecting accurate statistical data or SOA records should thus
be the primary aim of every organizational team entrusted with the task of SOA



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