oriented architecture (SOA) is a recently developed technological innovation,
and hence not many people are aware about what it actually means, or how it is
implemented in a business organization. To understand the basic concepts of
SOA, people often look for SOA service definitions on the Internet, but this
usually does not help, because the definitions are often vague and do not
convey the real meaning of SOA. While some SOA service definitions may portray
it as a software system, others may claim it is actually an organization-wide
informational framework, which supports all types of IT applications, based on
various technological platforms such as java or .NET. Although these
definitions are not wrong, since SOA services is a very vast topic it is often
quite difficult to include its whole essence in a single definition. To develop
a thorough understanding of the various methodologies, it will not be enough to
read just a few SOA service definitions. It would require going through
numerous books and journals and even getting some practical SOA implementation
experience. We can thus conclude that SOA service definitions are just used for
enriching the actual content and are quite incapable of conveying the real
implication of SOA related services.






Software Professional Services is a leading consulting association that applies
SOA or Service-Oriented Architectural solutions by using products from leading
partners and the SOA software. Over the years, the products, skill sets and practices
have developed and progressed from the foremost software consultancies and
companies. They are equipped with the flexibility that enables the SOA Software
to provide pragmatic and value oriented solutions with just one aim- delivering
desired results to all business clients.


Software provides Service-Oriented Architecture or SOA security, governance,
provisioning and management solutions. The only organization offering a
comprehensive SOA fabric, SOA Software is also one of the largest professional
vendors that provide SOA solutions.


an average, the SOA Software team members have more than ten years experience
in technology related services. The services team offers incomparable XML and
Web services that are mainly focused on Web service development and XML
integration. The team possesses the skills, abilities and experience in various
industries. These include manufacturing, automotive, government, health and
fitness, financial, energy, aerospace and entertainment. The team comprises of
enterprise architects, technical project managers, senior software engineers,
usability engineers and database architects. They are all proficient in
technologies like XML, SOAP, LDAP, J2EE, .Net, UDDI, mainframe integration,
open standards, web services and service oriented architecture development and


organization has a value driven focus and implements methods like the Rational
Unified Process for effectively providing superior Web service solutions. The
team is credited with effectively implementing the Partner Manager and Service
Manager in Fortune 500 companies.



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