that are planning to implement service oriented architecture (SOA) need to
select only the best solution provider companies, or experienced SOA
professionals. To achieve this, businesses need to form a specialized team of
existing employees whose main job will be to conduct SOA watch over existing
service providers, their domain experience, and their current live projects or
ongoing implementations. The main objective of conducting an SOA watch is to
assess the reliability of a particular SOA service provider and to check
whether the offered services will be applicable in the organization or not. SOA
watch is just like conducting an interview, with the only difference that in
this case, the person or entity being assessed is an SOA service provider.


watch not only helps in selecting the best service provider, but also assists
in reducing service costs. For example, the SOA watch team can compare the
rates offered by various service providers, and if the offered services are
more or less the same, the team can select the one that quotes the least price.
Al though it was earlier treated as an optional activity, SOA watch has now
become a necessity; especially due to the increase in the number of companies
offering SOA related services, such as implementation advice and


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