Outsourcing may be a great way to get back into business, but it is still a serious one with some issues that need to be resolved. One would probably be surprised to learn that most of the issues of outsourcing does not have anything to do with the actual job itself, but the effects it has on the social world. For one thing, family time becomes an issue with a member who is into outsourcing. This is because when a mother or a father (or in some cases, both) work in an outsourcing company, they have to follow the time zone of their clients   so if they are providing service to someone halfway across the globe, then they will have to be up late evening till early morning in order to be available for such a client. This simply means that there will be little time to interact with other members of the family at respectable hours since those would probably be spent in rest for the member who is into outsourcing.

Another issue that is also connected to the first one would be health. There are a lot of cases where the health aspect of the employee is affected since it will be difficult for him to adjust his body clock to night time mode, thus making him a bit weaker. Relying on coffee in order to stay awake and alert for the job will also make him prone to palpitations. Providing online and telephone service will also mean being at a desk for long periods of time, thus increasing chances of urinary tract infection. 

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