Social CRM
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What is Social CRM?
SCRM in six questions
What are your targets?
Anyone who takes an interest in your organization should be considered as a target
Facebook Page Member
Reads your blog
Signs up for Newsletter
Event Goer
More involved
Plans meet-ups / events
Cream of the crop
May actually become a part of the organization

Advocacy: the Social Customer
Advocates are created through continuous
Engagement (conversation)
Transparency (visibility)
Authenticity (honesty, straightforward behavior)
Approach to Advocacy – Strategy
Value Proposition: Creation of experiences and tools with products and services designed to appeal to a commonwealth of interest based on unique insights
Customer Strategy: Outreach to customers/potential advocates, Property development for customers -communities, tools, products, services available via company, Godin: Date your customers
Continuous Effort: Ongoing feedback, outreach, data tracking, program development, Constant desire for customer insight -not just data collection
The metrics of advocacy – Net Promoter Score -Referrals as metrics
The one question that you need to ask your customer is Would you recommend my company to someone you know?
Measured against the detractors to come up with score, Word of Mouth most influential, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Referral Value (CRV), Customer Brand Value (CBV)

Engage Across Multiple Functions
Consumer Social Web Tools
What Is Your Content Strategy?
Twitter, Facebook, Blogs -all tactical ways to spread the word

All too often people focus on the method of delivery and not the content!

Customer Behavior Analysis
Aster MapReduce Analytics Portfolio
Big Data Social Analysis: See the Network
Large number of entities with rapidly growing amount of data for each
Connectivity changing constantly

Aster Data Value
SQL-MapReduce function for Graph Analysis eases and accelerates analysis
Ability to store and analyze massive volumes of data about users and connections
High loading throughput and incremental loading to bring new data into analysis
Understand connections among users and organizations
Aster Data Capabilities for Text Data
Data transformation utilities
Pack: compress multi-column data into a single column
Unpack: extract nested data for further analysis
Web log analysis
Sessionization: identify unique browsing sessions in clickstream data
Text analysis
Text parser: general tool for tokenizing, stemming, and counting text data
nGram: split text into component parts (words & phrases)
Levenstein distance: compute distance between words
Pre-built SQL-MapReduce functions for text processing
Building Visitor Paths from Clickstream Data
nPath Time Series Analysis identifies customer transitions between departments
What were Shoppers Searching for?
Marketing Strategy for Success
Where should I increase my Marketing Spend to drive higher ROI?
SCRM: Traditional Data
SCRM: New Data
SCRM Analytics
SCRM Traditional Analytics Tools

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