Establish and manage social media monitoring and when necessary execute protocols for service recovery/leadership notification to achieve social media strategies associated with positive positioning in market.

More Uses of the Social Media Marketing Toolkit:

  • Systematize: conduct market research to determine the best channels for your clients activities and budgets.
  • Determine the message the design should portray and ensures that organization messages and materials are accurate and consistent with brand.
  • Head: partner with digital marketing team, internal stakeholders, and organization organization on integrated media and campaign planning, execution, and reporting.
  • Standardize: demonstrable success running a large portfolio of paid campaigns across leading social media platforms.
  • Ensure you lead an integrated approach to create dynamic campaigns across all social media customer touch points.
  • Serve as an account manager with primary accountability for the success of key customer accounts.
  • Steer: work closely with the other team members to fully understand, strategize, and meet client goals.
  • Ensure you build awareness, buzz and affinity around the brand and any relevant marketing initiatives.
  • Be certain that your organization creates original content and conducts market research for digital and Social Media Marketing campaigns.
  • Engage in various online communities and social platforms, fostering relationships and actively driving engagement with current and future clients.
  • Ensure the rapid progression of the website, digital marketing and Social Media Marketing.
  • Develop: monitor competitor social media platforms to ensure you are informed on other organizations campaign activity, breaking news and trends.
  • Use social media analysis tools to create KPIs and consistently track to quantify growth and success of social media strategies and initiatives.
  • Ensure client satisfaction and ROI; know your craft and stay on top of changes in the industry.
  • Warrant that your organization has a finger on the pulse of what is happening culturally and understands Social Media Marketing.
  • Collaborate with departments and internal stakeholders to plan, develop assets, execute, and optimize campaigns for social media (paid and organic), influencers, and user generated content.
  • Assure your organization writes and publishes high quality, concise content for website, multiple platforms, and social network in partnership with internal organizational leaders.
  • Drive: strategy development, managing timelines, and creation of high quality copy and site content.
  • Initiate: exclusively manage all social accounts (scheduling posts, community engagement, growth, and optimization).
  • Create monthly reports and communications to inform clients of results and progress of activities.
  • Develop dashboards that enable reporting, analysis and decision making for long term forecasting, product lifecycle management and Social Media Marketing channel development.
  • Assure your organization engages the community through the development and implementation of social media brand strategies, campaigns, and plans to build brand/organizational awareness.
  • Align the efforts of the social marketing team and departments, and impact to the broader organization, Marketing and Corporate Marketing goals.
  • Develop and execute strategies to improve social media visibility and communication with your customers.
  • Be constantly prioritizing actions toward getting the best results possible for the client.


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