If you happen to stumble on blogs hosted by popular social networking sites, then you might notice a different but very familiar set-up.

The ever popular powered by WordPress link can now be found on several social networking site blogs.  This means blogs hosted by such sites have been integrated into the WordPress platform.

This is good news if you are utilizing social network blogs as a personal journal.  Because of the integration, you will be able to redesign your social network blog with different templates and themes of WordPress pages.

The WordPress templates plug-ins however would be limited to several basic designs only.  But they are definitely better than the templates offered by social networking sites.

By being powered by WordPress, your personal blog can now be crawled by search engine spiders.  So, more people will be able to read your blog posts.

Before the integration, your social network blog has no-follow tags so you can never link outside of the network.  Now that it is being powered by WordPress, you can establish links with other sites and they could link back to you.

This could open a new opportunity for you.  Your social network personal blog can be used for monetization purposes.  You can attract more traffic to your blog through link popularity.  If you have something to sell on the Internet, then more traffic means more potential customers.

Now that your social network blog is powered by WordPress, you will have no reason anymore not to post regularly in your personal weblog.

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