Because of thousands of computer programs that are available in the market, developers also created software for testing these applications.  Test software is primarily written and designed to determine the reliability of different computer applications.  The test software could protect end users from system crashes and applications issues caused by incorrect programming or corrupted application set up.  Normally, software for testing is called testing tools and utilities.  It could be a standalone program or a plug-in application that can be installed and uninstalled by users.

Testing software is usually designed to be used both on hardware and software environments.  There are products however that are specially written solely for software tests or for computer parts testing.  The choice of test software therefore will depend on the specific needs of individual or enterprise users.  For home users, it would be best to install a program that has the capability to diagnose both software and hardware issues.  Because home users have simple systems configurations, a standalone, dual function software tester would be enough.

For power users and large IT environments, an enterprise class software tester should be deployed.  Testing programs should also be defined for hardware and software environments.  That’s because large organizations have complex IT environments.  They will certainly need more sophisticated diagnostics applications in order to maintain the reliability of their IT systems.  The testing software could reduce server downtimes and lower the cost of its maintenance.  It can also boost productivity because the IT environment of the company will always be maintained to perform at peak form.

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