Through software quality testing, developers could establish loyal hordes of consumers that have total trust and confidence in their products.  In fact, most successful software developers painstakingly test their products for quality performance and utilities.  That is why they can maintain a solid client base that is ready to grab every new application that they roll out in the market.  Compare this to failed software companies that faded out because of inferior products.

That is why software quality testing should be a major part in the planning process of any development project.  On each stage of the production, quality assurance and quality testing should always be implemented.  If quality control is in place, developers will be confident that their software product will deliver its promised performance and utility.  Furthermore, strict quality testing for software products is an assurance that consumers will be able to fully maximize the computing power of the software and will not experience application glitch.

When testing for quality, developers must ensure that the testing method must always be based on actual conditions.  This means that the software should be tested by real end users doing real computing workloads.  If a bug is present in the application, it can be quickly noticed by its users.  That is why most software developers put premium on actual quality testing.  They put their software in beta mode and allow lots of end users to test the application.  After a period of testing and feedback gathering, developers can easily refine the features of the software and troubleshoot or fix any bugs that came up during the quality testing phase.

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