The tremendous popularity of delivered software service has gripped the Internet even software provider giants have joined the fray in developing the technology.  Software service or more popularly known as software as a service (SaaS) is an ingenious model of providing a fully functional software application that can be used immediately over the Internet by end users.

Today, SaaS is primarily being used for business computing and data storage needs.  It is viewed by many as a cost effective way of deploying enterprise-wide software solution.  The service eliminates costly investments in purchasing application software licenses and setting up the necessary hardware and infrastructure to run the application.

The technology which started in early 1990s put together the best aspects of software development and cutting edge Internet connections.  Businesses can now take advantage of cheap, reliable and secure data management giving chief executives and IT specialists more time to focus their efforts on the business core processes and competencies.

The market for software service continues to enjoy increasing acceptability among business owners and corporations.  In the near future, it is not surprising if it can match the stand alone software or suites in terms of market leadership and consumer use. 

Software as service is a good option for businesses that have enormous computing requirements but do not possess the capability to develop and support the necessary applications environment. In other words, SaaS provides businesses convenience and flexibility in handling their essential data and process management.  With less investment but more computing power, the potential for growth could be amplified.


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