The Internet is a medium that is massively capable of being quantified and qualified.  Unlike with the traditional media, the Internet although driven by some of electronic devices, the quantification is basically a lot tedious and you could just imagine how complex the whole process can be.  However, no matter how difficult this may seem to look, apparently people are still being misled about web analytics is all about.  Below are some of the common misconceptions of people about using web analytics software:

a.    Myth about page views.  When one says page view is the frequency attained by the page in terms of visit.  Or in simple manner, page view is the number of occurrence the page has been viewed by a visitor. It may sound to be true but not in entirety.  Page view is more than that.  It encompasses more ideas and concepts about what is encapsulated on the given definition.  
b.    Myth about numbers produced.  You see, the web analytics software is a software. A software just like its creator can also commit errors and at times bug down.  So, whenever you see all these numbers that are being yielded by the web analytics software, you can instantly react but do not over dwell with all these numbers. They are sometimes going overboard.
c.    Myth about price.  Generally of companies do not want to have this software because of the connotation that it bears – that it works using analytical tools therefore, these software packages may be very costly and expensive.  This is all a fallacy.  There are cheaper and less expensive web analytics software.  

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