Documents, email messages, images, videos, instant messages, and other contents will surely start to pile up without proper content management method. That is why many enterprise content management (ECM) providers are now available to provide every company their needed ECM solutions. With better ECM products available, companies will surely have a better option.

Some of the ECM products available are the Alfresco Enterprise from J2EE, Day Software, Content Conductor, FileNet from IBM, Hummingbird of OpenText, and Hyland OnBase. There are also Identitech, Interwoven ECM, IXOS from OpenText, Microsoft SharePoint ECM, Mobius, Nuxeo EP, Optika from Stellent/ Oracle, Vignette ECM, and VYRE.  
Aside from providing general ECM solutions, there are also document management software applications available. These are also needed as specific component of the ECM. Among these applications are the Ademero, Astroia Software, Cabinet NG CNG-SAFE, ColumbiaSoft Document Locator, Group Drive, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft SharePoint Services Vasont. Applications like the Xerox DocuShare, Xythos, On Demand, and Xythos On Premise can be used for document management.   
Companies who are interested to take any of these products should first do an effective assessment and comparison. Spending hundreds of dollars for these products is not a joke but a very serious matter that needs second thought. Some of these ECM products might provide some of the company’s needs while some products might answer all their content management needs. This can never be known by the company unless they do diligent study about the various ECM product offers.

The various ECM products may have online reviews which can be read for comparison. Also, there are forums where the company can read feedback on certain ECM products. Through this, having better content management is always possible.

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