The SQL Server 2005 Express edition is ideal for desktop environments and medium to small servers.  This version of the SQL Server can be used by small networks and businesses to organize their database for productive use.  It can also be deployed to perform non-critical and less demanding database operations.

The Express edition is of SQL Server can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft network sites at no cost.  It is freeware application and can be redistributed on other workstations and servers without the need for exclusive licensing.   The lightweight and easy to install edition could open opportunities for lots of companies to improve their databases and enhance their business intelligence.

The SQL Server 2005 Express edition can also be upgraded to other more powerful SQL editions.  Previous database structures and attributes will not be lost if the Express edition is upgraded.  This is very useful if small and medium sized companies will expand their database to an overflow of information.  

The Express edition allows developers to create dynamic web service in order to deploy an online database solution.  This is typically implemented for ecommerce businesses and enterprise.  Web services features are common features of SQL Servers so the deployments made using Express editions can also be used on other SQL editions.

Aside from web services functionalities, the SQL Express edition provides excellent reporting capabilities with enhanced and comprehensive data query tools.  These functions could greatly improve organizational communications and could help disparate business units to collaborate efficiently and more effectively.

If you want to become a SQL server developer, it is important that you know what to do. Imagine, your creation would make a big difference in one company. One mistake may cause a lot of trouble that is why it is important that you are backed up with the needed knowledge and as much as possible proper care should be implemented in the SQL development.

There are times that the SQL server development team is faced with different issues such as unintentional mistakes, teammates not focused, or the development team may not be meeting the timeline. These are just but some common problems faced when creating a SQL server. There are even sometimes that the members of team are already aware of the problem but somehow they try to ignore this fact and do not think of the solution that would resolve the matter at hand.

IT professionals are people too so it is understood that along the SQL server development, they would encounter such mistakes. But when the need arises that more time and money are needed to further develop a SQL server, the organization should consider this right away. Most often some companies ignore this important aspect. You need to make sure that your SQL server is well-developed and that it was devised to meet all your needs. You would not want to settle with less and then in the long run you would need to spend more money with maintaining your SQL server. Developing an SQL server for the company is no joke and you need to have the right resources and the right person to create this platform for all your data.

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