When it comes to podcasting, there are a lot of legal issues and professional issues that you need to address. Generally, when you are an established or a professional podcaster, you would most likely know that it is a good idea to put a copyright on your work. Additionally, you know that it is the biggest no-no to copy the work of others without proper citation or worse, to claim it as your own original work. Because of this, there has been a clearly divided line between the professionals and the amateurs.

A lot of professional podcasters know the rules and the legalities because they have turned this into their own livelihood or way of life. As such, they take time to know what can be done and what must not be done in order to protect themselves and their own interests as well as personal and professional enjoyment in podcasting. They are what you call the mentors in this trade and a lot of people would want to be one.

If you want to slowly develop your skill and gradually become a certified professional yourself, it is best to take time out and learn about the legal issues that come with this business of podcasting. After all you would not want to be accused of plagiarism or be thrown a legal case your way without you knowing it right? In such a world, it is best to be informed and let this information guide your own actions for the better.

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