Some Suggestions for the Evaluation of Multidisciplinary Team Working

Measurable Improvements

There are concepts which all MD cancer teams need to address, finding the answer to some of the following may be useful in developing strategy planes and meeting organisation.

Following are some areas which could possibly be evaluated to provide further information on how well an MDT meeting is working.

Is there attendance of all core members as described in the Manual of Cancer Standards for each tumour?
Is there recording/documentation of patient care plans?
Are there communication systems with primary/tertiary care and how successful are they?
Is there data collection and how is that data put to use?

What percentage of patients, now have the opportunity to attend a joint clinic following MDT discussion of care. i.e. a clinic where both the consultant and oncologist are available?
What percentage of confirmed cancer patients now have their care discussed by a multidisciplinary team?
What percentage of patients, are given the opportunity to discuss their care plan following MDT meetings?
Is there an increase in the number of patients who are referred to a specialist team?
How do treatments offered compare with those offered retrospectively? (a snap shot needed of treatment after 2 years but need to identify the same grouping of patients)
Has there been an increase in any particular specialist treatment due to MDT discussions. eg Tomoxifen use for breast patients?

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