A web landing page is an Internet marketing and advertising tool to capture leads and boost online sales.  Some landing pages are very effective while other perform poorly in terms of lead generation and sales conversions.  In order to perform better, online marketers should not include the following items on their web landing pages.

First, avoid using intrusive media on the landing pages.  These include pop ups, pop under, whole page redirects, and floating web forms.  Most internet users are not tech savvy enough to understand these high impact multi media.   Once they see these intrusions on web landing pages, they might think that the site distributes adware.  In this case, they will simply close the browser even without reading the content of the landing page.

Second, avoid using complicated sign up forms.  Most of the time, users tend to leave the web landing page if they will put so much personal information on its online subscription form.  It is best to stick to the basics such as name, email address, and age.  Asking for phone numbers, income levels, postal addresses, and other very personal information could turn away lots of prospective leads.

Finally, don’t leave customers hanging in the air if ever they sign-up on the landing page.   A curt thank you page or a blank page after the sign up process could lose the interest of customers on the product being offered by the web landing page.  Marketers should provide other means to immediately follow up their click through.  

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