Earlier versions of WordPress are quite simple. It generates content using a single file called index.php and files to support comment display and submission. The other pages are generated by passing parameters to the index.php. This has changed with the upgrading of the early WordPress versions because it allows the creation of unique designs. It also allows users to change the layout of the site by uploading a new theme.

What is WordPress Style?

It refers to the way to “skin” the weblog or to the look and presentation of the material on the website.  It is a collection of files that work together to have a unifying design. The files working on this is called template files such as image files, style sheets, custom pages and code files.

Why use WordPress Style?

First, WordPress style saves time because after installing the basic WordPress blog, a person can upload a new theme and start working immediately.

Second, it saves money because a person doesn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to have a customized design. All he needs to do is choose from among the WordPress themes.

Third, WordPress has a wide selection of themes and are easily installed.  All he needs to do is upload a plugin to his blog directory and then each theme provides a help file.

Fourth, WordPres style can be easily customized and changed. If a person wants to change his present template, the he can just select and upload another. This makes sure that the blog always has a fresh look from time to time.

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