One of the most important processes in Internet marketing research is web analytics. It enables companies to analyze the various behaviors of the website’s visitors. Through this, a company will know how to attract more visitors or retain the visitors’ interest on the website. This process may be critical but it can be done by simple web analytics solutions.

Web analytics solutions are available in many forms like the free analytics and the paid analytics solutions. For companies that are new to web analytics and want to know more about the process, free web analytics solutions are the best options. These can also be used by those who have limited budget for web analytics.

Some web analytics solutions that are available for free are the Analog, Webalizer, SiteMeter, and Google Analytics. Analog is one of the oldest solutions for web analytics. It may run off a log file but using its full potential requires meticulous customization. Some say Analog is just an old school compared to other available web analytics solutions. The Webalizer, on the other hand, is also using logfiles for analysis but is far better than Analog due to its being user-friendly.

Meanwhile, SiteMeter provides great social aspects that are best for those selling advertisements. Some critics say that this is also a bit too old but is simpler to use than the Google Analytics. The Google Analytics, on the other hand, is the newest free web analytics solutions in the list. So far, this is the best free solution since it provides many statistics, useful interfaces, and ecommerce statistics.

These free web analytics solutions have limited features and offerings compared to their commercial counterparts. But definitely, free web analytics solutions are still great options for some companies due to their varying reasons.

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