WordPress was originally made for weblogs or as a blog platform. However, since it has become so popular, it has been used to create any type of website therefore making it important to learn how to make a better WordPress theme. This is by the use of several WordPress hacks that are sure to be useful for website owners.

Several WordPress Hacks

1. A website owner can display Gravatars in comments. Gravatars are little user images from Gravatar.com that are displayed against comments. However, there are many WordPress themes that are built without the support of Gravatars but this can be added to the theme if the website owner prefers.
2. Another WordPress hack is image gallery. WordPress 2.5+ and its versions have built-in image gallery function where images can be uploaded and inserted in the gallery. However, there are old themes, those before the 2.5 versions that don’t have integrated functionality. In order to add the image gallery feature, website owners can open single.php and save it as image.php in the theme folder. Then, he can open image.php in an editor and search for the line that displays the post content. Then, he can insert a code, which fixes the default gallery.
3. A website owner can also add “Subscribe to feed” message after every post. This reminds the readers to subscribe to the blogs. A website owner can put this at the end of every post by using a simple plugin by opening up index.php and adding some specific lines.

These are just a few WordPress hacks that a website owner can do to make his site more interesting and useful.

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