Be accountable for working first hand with alternative data sources to solve complex problems around classification and discovery Developing and scaling models for classification, clustering and anomaly detection Integrating statistical and machine learning models into production data products Defining and expanding.

More Uses of the Splunk Toolkit:

  • Evaluate security models of vendor middleware technologies to ensure compliance with current organization policies and/or industry regulations.
  • Be accountable for deploying new Splunk installations, refining configuration management capabilities, ensure license management is operating ideally.
  • Manage work with account development executives (sales) providing technical input into all relevant customer relationship activities as related to sso and seamless authentication.
  • Lead: design analysis develop proof of concept as designed by architect setup development environment for team to work in break up the modules considering technical aspects.
  • Develop technical solutions to business problems; validate and communicate technical solutions to internal and external team members, test solutions and ensure it meets specifications.
  • Be accountable for administering Splunk ; integrating Splunk with a wide variety of legacy data sources and industry leading commercial security and other tools.
  • Manage you as you pursue your disruptive new vision to remove barriers between data and action so customers can thrive in the Data Age.
  • Identify: cybersecurity architect or cybersecurity engineer or it security engineer or security analyst or Splunk certified cybersecurity engineer or rpa expert or risk based alert expert.
  • Lead: articulate and influence the development team, infrastructure team and others to provide a solution to fix the root cause and prevent the recurrence of issues.
  • Create dashboard and alerts in Splunk depending on the business requirement to monitor the error rate of the application and take necessary ahead of time.
  • Ensure you build relationships with external partners to influence systems reliability, application monitoring, and production support model.
  • Collaborate with distributed teams to strengthen the cybersecurity posture of Reclamation Information Technology (IT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).
  • Standardize: partner with finance in identifying gaps, develop/create business requirements, and document the user stories and translate business requirements into technical solutions.
  • Initiate: monitor Splunk alerts for memory using automated log rotation scripts depending on the business requirement to monitor the error rate of the application and take necessary ahead of time.
  • Provide guidance to project teams on how functionality work together and how it work fitment from technology perspective for complex requirements.
  • Organize: Splunk query, reporting, and dashboard skills with particular emphasis on reporting on infrastructure and application performance and capacity.
  • Manage work with product, technology, and engineering to maintain expertise across all solution offerings ensuring the latest capabilities are reviewed with account team.
  • Be accountable for supporting the implementation of corporate security policies, programs, and procedures to protect information systems assets from intentional or inadvertent modification, disclosure or destruction.
  • Manage work with leadership to understand and document business requirements, generate reusable data sets, reporting and become a trusted business partner.
  • Follow up with customer POC to resolve team issues and dependencies raise concerns regarding changes in timelines and expectations with customer point of contact to resolve the same.
  • Be accountable for coordinating and conducting event collection, log management, event management, compliance automation, and identity monitoring activities.
  • Establish: content developers analyze the signatures cyber attackers leave behind throughout a network and develop siem rules to detect future intrusions.
  • Methodize: monitor architecture and design solutions for applications using Splunk and appdynamics and ensure application monitoring systems provide necessary application performance and dashboard reports.
  • Be accountable for securing Splunk environment by working with infrastructure operations team to reduce risks to information by implementing patch and vulnerability management.
  • Be accountable for monitoring performance of correlated and scheduled searches and identify opportunities to make searches/dashboards more efficient in Splunk to improve performance.


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