The SQL Server 2000 developer edition is a business class application ideal for managing and creating security and performance enhancements on a company database environment.  It has been developed to replace the old SQL Servers classes adding significant new technologies for effective database management.  

The SQL Server 2000 developer class however has been upgraded already to 2005 SQL Developer and the latest 2008 Developer versions.  The 2000 version however can still be useful for companies still running the application.  

In order to run the SQL Server 2000 Developer edition, companies need to deploy them on Windows NT platform services and NT workstations.  To enable interface with Office Access 2000, the engine should have an upgrade to Windows 2000 Pro.  There are limited functionalities however when integrating Access to the Developer edition of SQL Server 2000.  Functions may be limited to viewing and changing the designs of database structure.  However, changes made Access cannot be saved on the SQL Server 2000.  Developers need to upgrade their services to the latest version of SQL in order to store the changes on the server.

The development services of SQL Server 2000 include numerous enterprise class utilities.  These tools can be used to improve data mining and warehousing.  Developments can be applied on the stored data to transform them into meaningful relational information which could enhance business intelligence.

The developer edition of SQL Server 2000 can be scaled also to meet the database requirements of companies.  Administrators and programmers can tweak the service in order to serve the growing information needs of their companies.

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