SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition offers High-end database solutions.

Microsoft’s Server 2005 Developer edition offers a complete package of high end software solution designed to improve and enhance enterprise database management and sharpen business intelligence.  The SQL developer line however has its own set of features ideal for comprehensive database software development.  The SQL Server development features cover full capabilities from database design and programming to fully functional search enhancements and reporting tools.

First, the SQL Server 2005 offers full interface for other programming language through hosted Common Language RunTime that enables developers to build massive database systems using popular programming language.  An effective interface with C#, VisualBasic and .NET framework is available to integrate database programming.  Through these sets of common language features, developers will have an easier time creating a database.

The SQL Server 2005 developer edition also provides support for complete XML deployments.  Thus, the SQL Serve will be able to save, display, and distribute XML data for easier accessibility of the database through web services.  

Another important feature of SQL Server 2005 is its enhanced database security as the framework differentiates the database objects from the active users.  It also has fully customizable access system and control methods by allowing view based functionality.  This could protect the database of enterprise because the integrity of the objects will not be compromised.

There are still other development features offered by Microsoft SQL Serve 2005.  Developers could surely improve company databases because of its user friendly rich features.  As a result, the company database can serve the business needs of the entire organization.

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