The Microsoft SQL Server is a famous relational database management system developed, produced, and distributed by Microsoft Corporation. In order to use the full functionality of this software, users are advised to utilize other Microsoft software applications or upgraded applications. One of the helpful applications for the Microsoft SQL is the SQL Server Developer Edition.

The Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition provides ability for the user to build and examine the different application types through the SQL Server that works on various platforms like 32-bit, x64, and ia64. What makes the Developer Edition helpful is that it includes the functionalities that can be found on the Enterprise Edition. However, the SQL Developer Edition is only licensed for specific and limited purposes like development, demo, and test.

Moreover, the SQL Server Developer Edition’s license only entitles a single developer. But this can already be used on as many systems as needed. For added developers, more licenses should be purchased. Users are also allowed to upgrade the Developer Edition to Enterprise Edition for better functionalities and features.

Meanwhile, there are system requirements before the SQL Server Developer Edition can be used. These requirements depend on the platform where it will be used. For example, processor requirements for the 32-bit and x64 are different from the Itanium platform. The operating system, memory, hard disk, drive, and display requirements are different depending on the platform. It is important to check if a certain computer system qualifies to be used for the SQL Server Developer Edition. If not, the user will certainly be unable to use all the potential capabilities of the SQL Server Developer Edition.

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