The SQL Server developer edition is one of the cutting edge software solution developed by Microsoft to speed up and refine the development of enterprise information systems.  With its easy to use and easy to deploy data management and analysis tools, companies will be able to reduce the effort in managing their information assets.

Database administration will be much easier to support using Microsoft SQL Server Developer.  In fact, the enhanced features of its administration tools could increase the productivity of the enterprise database.  

One of the most useful database administration features of SQL Server 2005 includes database mirroring.  This feature enables administrators to make an extension of SQL’s log shipping functions.  Administrators therefore can ensure that the SQL database will always be available for the enterprise by configuring a failsafe and failover mirror on the server.  In this way, business operation and activities would not be disrupted.

Another feature of SQL Server 2005 that could ensure uninterrupted database services is the online restoration function.  Administrators can initiate a restore operation on several sections of the database while other instances of the SQL are functioning.  This means that the entire database would remain online and available to users limiting the interrupt process to the data being restored.  This feature ensures that the enterprise database would avoid frequent downtimes when administrators perform management restore operations.

SQL Server Developer will also provide unhampered access of database to administrators through the dedicated administrator functionality.  This tool allows administrators to quickly access the database and troubleshoot it even if the entire system has experienced a lockdown.  

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